Monday, 28 March 2011


As soon as the dissertation was over with there suddenly emerged some beautiful vacant space. So hopefully with the right time management - which is by far my weakest point - it will be possible to multitask between the all different areas I care about. It haven't felt as comfortable for a long time; yes, a lot of work, but how badly have no idea, Projects.

  1. Fable Top on the priority list, so in this sense J has got right where he intended: I am mostly worried about this one as there is a huuuuuuuuuuge amount to draw. Massive, in fact. So firstly will have to check Orla's timetable, secondly, looking at what Will doodled up recently (the anticipated shag scene) I am concerned about the dissonance in style. Rory has got one way of working, but it is quite mild, (yet at times extremely precise and beautiful), Oddne with his late rotoscoped thingy (amazing! love the camera swing) has got another, yet myself, J and Will have all got different fingerprint. So we need to think of a way to frame all the animation together. A hard one. For the rest of it, should be fine.

  2. Baps (gluten free, haha, a daft joke) mmmmmmm...... Test Bap? This is what everyone seems to be doing for a couple of weeks now (at least). Oddne was still figuring out the run while Matt was making the facial rig. OK. Tomorrow: steal Baps. Also the human rigs. A LOT to think about. Will certainly need a play around.

  3. Swing Heil Gaz (or Kat, rather) have asked me to do a couple of shots. If the "difficult" perspective scene is not going to be deleted from the final storyboard than we shall try to make it work. Now I know for a fact I am hot with weird perspectives, have always found them most yummy bits to draw in lifedrawing classes, so there shouldn't be a problem. Other short scenes they gave me are mostly atmospheric, should therefore nicely balance out. Birdspotting this week, there is a nice first year animator currently working on their project. His sense of timing is just right. The way to tell is to play animation repetatively = weather it flows. His flows.

  4. Mine gooooooooooood. finally. over to me. The Innovations. Am looking at a few very interesting ideas atm, mostly extenuating the dissertation. Can make it really fun.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Ehem! In that case I am definitely going to put "sheer awesomeness" on mine.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


i didnt know they used elephants too, what havent they used? Surely human locomotion is challenging enough.... who the hell commissioned elephants?

Sunday, 6 March 2011

-----o-o-@-o( this is what the creature looked like

While browsing Web for some dessertation papers I stumbled upon this unique game. Seems its a prototype > more spectacular version for playstion is either to come or already available. Its called "flOw" - to try click on the picture