Friday, 21 November 2008

an eye that walked...

And now to the basics of the basics of animation- the walk cycle.

...but what can i say... 6th test run. Legs are working OK, arm too, not so sure abount the bounce...
has eyelashes.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


No point going through all the films, but there are definitely a few that need comments.

Starting with the one i truly LOVE,

Ruka/The Hand - 1965 (Jiri Trnka)

It's not the fancy look that really counts when it comes to outstanding animations, it's the 'soul', the idea, the meaning behind.  There is nothing glossy about 'The Hand' (especially looking at it from the latest technological advances that came 40 years later perspective) but this character makes me really feel for him. Really. Even his face where suffer is delicately mixed with a sincere smile under a funny nose. It touches something very deep in me. The way he cares about his little flower - is it suppose to represent his talent as an artist? Or his dreams? Ether way something very valuable.  
Astonishing how a very cute looking puppet animation can be so very heavily emotional.
'The Hand' is dramatic and true. A masterpiece. I take my hat off to Jiri Trnka. 

The Iron Giant- 1999 (Brad Bird)

A great family film for parents to enjoy along with the children. Beautiful, colourful, lovely done, very well thought of heart worming movie. It's a pleasure to watch it again and again. Funny, superbly acted and yet dramatic. The ending almost made me cry :)  Should be in every animator's home collection, folks!

Peter & the Wolf- 2006, Suzie Templeton 

Now this is interesting! Russian story done by an English director! May I just say, the models look fantastic. A few times in the film you see extremely well-made detailed close-up (like when they show Peter's grandad sleeping).
Overall an engaging story saturated with action. Good attempt to reproduce Russian 'atmosphere'. Not only the layouts but the animation itself reminds me of the early Soviet-time films.