Thursday, 19 February 2009

little something makes us smile :)

World of MAYA XXX

The Environment project.

Maya maya maya...

Decided to make a bathroom instead of a living room. In terms of natural lighting (read 'daylight') it's a big-big cheat, since there are no windows in my bathroom. Actually there was meant to be a window but to be frank It would be a whole lot harder to render correctly. (and secondly not enough time)

Felt inspired by an old sketch of mine.

And... speaking of modeling, surprisingly enjoyable process! Made my objects look pretty smooth and detailed which i'm quite pleased about. Also liked the idea of using curves and paths to create polygon objects etc.

However the lighting part of things got me a bit worried. I used an ambient light to bright up the inside of my little projector- to make it look natural as well as a spotlight to light up the whole scene. The problem here is that while the spotlight appears to be working fine the little annoying ambient thingy destroyed some of the shadows on the scene. (check out the vase on your left) Clearly I did not have time to fix these bits.

Moving on to the final render... Problem here is what i call 'the number 3 button'. Genius in smoothing sharp-edged objects into more organic looking forms. (by the way, does anyone know how to undo?) When I was modeling both plant and the big heart on the wall looked nice and round. When I rendered it all became sharp and nasty again.
(Apparently there's some 'smooth operator' in maya that helps to solve such cock-ups. But I didn't get that far)

Overall feeling... Definitely more pleased with it then annoyed :) And so far playing with maya makes me kinda happy) In a peculiar sort of way...


Sunday, 8 February 2009

Holl is back but not quite...

Tuesday-the-Snowday is the only happy memory from the last week I seem to have. Everything is going wrong for me at the moment! Everything.

But hey... at least I can say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY!!!*

...And my Totoro snowman is a likable thing)