Friday, 31 October 2008

this time it's two jumpin' blobs!

It's official that on Friday morning our group has run out of animation paper. Hence my grand idea for this piece had to be shortened. A lot.

Ok. There are about 95 frames in total. (67 or so without actual repetition), but i had to redraw many_many_many frames before i was happy with the animation.

Em... Animation? Ok. It's fine. Still a little voice in my head tells me i can do better. On the other hand I feel absolutely knackered... And still a lot of other work needs to be done (like the '3D Jumping Man') before Monday. so i might as well leave it as is.

Mistekes? Let's see... The little character is moving quite fast in general (although he's suppose to be 'young, energetic and playful') Other that that i remember Andy being not so happy with the first squash (big character), but it suits me.

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