Tuesday, 9 December 2008

...+ a doodle

2D stuff

I am one of the few people who achieved better results in 2D animation as oppose to 3D (I reckon anyway). Having spent all this time drawing frames for walk cycles and running endless tests I feel it has finally paid off... AND its been a great pleasure to plan things out, tackle them, and finally finish them off. Yet looking back at my own work there's way more mistakes then meets the eye at first. Some of which i didn't have time to correct anyway- we have submission deadlines. You probably could argue that a week is a long time but i'm a busy person)

Maya stuff

This is way trickier. I've submitted a few things i wouldnt even want my grandma to see let along the teachers. Maybe the fact that it's online submission and not face-to-face helps since i would not dare to look in my teachers' eyes having produced something as bad. (and it really is bad- yet another reason not to uplode maya files on this blog). But you know what the most disturbing thing is? - I can use maya, I am a PC-friendly person, I know where every command is, etc. etc. AND I take note of everything teachers say. Yet I manage to spend my weekends at home, working on my laptop and cursing it as i go because my brains have rotted from that amount of time spent on maya. This is bad. I even remember producing a (really bad) walking cycle where frames got so close together it wrecked the walk. What did I do? -Looked in every area of the figure trying to delete the troublesome frames. What should I have done? - Look at the Graph Editor and see if any graphs have peculiar angle hence need straigtening. Its SO FREAKING EASY....(sorry...) So from this moment on I will be using Maya in the studio ONLY, since laptop practice leads us nowhere.

Drawing stuff

This part of our course for me goes as smooth as a cashmere scarf. I enjoy every drawing I make (or nearly every) and the teacher seems not to be concerned about me. Woodlane extra classes helped a great deal too. (A contribution to 'portfolio'). Eh. Ok)

(sorry guys!!! )

Theoretical stuff

Hm. Well upset about the presentation, nothing more to add. Ann was very fair with her mark but I feel like a tense spring with unfulfilled potential. I never actually had a clue about the depth we had to go in with our presentation since it's only 10 min...But no point thinking of it now.

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