Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Behind the Ident: ideas and thoughts

Randomly found this gorgeous picture of a lizard on the web:

however that's not where the character development first started. Here's a still from one of Aleksandr Tatarskiy's great shorts (together with now-famous Igor Kovalov) "Wings, legs and tails".  (cartoon is all about questioning which of the three is better- a bit like we did in the studio the other day*)

To me that lizard's face looks extremely expressive, although nothing like my character's. (p.s. I didnt actually look at that cartoon while I was making the ident, but I did recall it on the back of my mind somewhere)

And of course there were some concept art bits n bobs to get me started,

-Visualising the chewing

-thinking of the final look

-and the teeth, scene that was later cut out

* remember our discussions tails vs wings. according to the statistics girls go for the wings and cheeky boys prefer tails. I like cheeky boyz X

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