Saturday, 18 April 2009

Hayle Project, pre-production

A lot of hassle happened when we were trying to decide what to use as a visual representation of "whites, Americans and blacks". There were a lot of different ideas including ginger-bread men but in the end everyone agreed to use Barbie (well, Ken) dolls. It was up to me to get some sort of visual sourse of these dolls which wasnt a copyright. (in all honesty the girls found usable pictures way before i did but they were from Flickr = not the best quality). So I asked my friend whom I know I can trust with photographs and she took a couple for me:

Since I decided from the very beginning not to use actual models in maya but instead just flat plains* animation had to be done in Flash (or at least it was one of the more convinient ways to do it). The photographs vere cut out with alpha-channels, cut again into manipulatable parts (hands, legs, heads, etc.) and then animated frame by frame. It helped me to give the animation that sort of "jerkiness" you find in Cravendeil's adverts. Then again, sometimes I had to apply "motion tween" which basically works out optimum inbetween frames to avoid too much jerkiness.

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