Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Taking to blogging like an oxygen-hungry fish would take to water, with desperation and somewhat greed and later pleasing satisfaction. Confuzzled as to where to begin...

For the sake of rationality and sanity lets try and divide our blogging plan into several different sections. Here's first attempt.

Projects, in terms of what's on now and what I didn't discuss, projects I do in my spare time, classes I take, side-interests, including technical stuff, research and pieces of work that don't really belong to a production. Also there should probably be a section on something less visual like thoughts about my dissertation. Likely to include information from a range of different subjects.

So here Is a list and I will cross over the bits when they are done. A bit like a shopping list maybe.

1. The 11 seconds Club. - Production process, thoughts, concept art.
2. The experimental project, stop-frame with sand - concept work, thoughts, prod. report, stills.
3. Life drawing classes, not just random, but to show how things have developed. Even if I hate to do this.
4. CG? Discuss the interesting bits from seminars, state your opinion, add some research if necessary.
5. What's going on in the world? Seriously. Update!!!, bitch
6. Post-production project - state what it is we're aiming at, show work in progress
7. Pre-production project - discuss
8. What is there to script? Little bits de la bobs of programming.

Ok. This is mainly for my use, so IF confused DO ignore this post

oh and P.S. here's a link to a real girl's jewelery catalog.

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