Monday, 18 October 2010


The First.

Well the year has started. This is going to be a short post. Short like my hair.

First and foremost, avoid the trivial yadah-yadah rubbish about how hard this year is going to be. (We already knew.)

For me its all about the momentum. I need to feed upon certain emotional and intellectual push in order to drive forward. At the moment things are sporadic and unclear and most of the work is having to be done through a substantial strain. Withdrawing from the current state with alcohol and apathy really doesn't do much.

People have their bonuses... Some of us can really go on and enjoy the last year for what it is, the working frenzy. Its all about being adaptive to the current state of play. Those who do not adapt do not survive. Simple laws.

It might be a forward motion... but it's certainly a moonwalk. How not to look back at the first two years? How to get to grips with my own life and stop being so smacked-on-the-head the whole time? Howto howto howto....

It's OK though. I don't fancy starting work with this kind of attitude. It's destructive and I am likely to build my own problems into the work I'm producing. It's going to be good again. Definitely. got to be.

Plus this interesting lecture about the quantum computing, everyone is on about. Let's hear what the physicist have got to say.

Suzanne Gildert on Quantum Computing

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