Tuesday, 21 October 2008

JUNPIN' MEN -squash, stretch, anticipate and overlap

These two are the exercises we had to do in Andy's 2d animation class:


There are a couple of slight problems with the camera. Sometimes it doesn't let you save a file at a certain frame rate, therefore the timing occasionally turns out not the way you expected. Also there's a smudge on the camera (way unfortunate! my no 1 happened to be right on it) And the lighting sometimes goes weird as seen on animation no 2. (maybe its due to my misuse of the camera :))
But all these minor problems dont worry me as much as the ending squash in vid no. 2. The character doesnt return to its original position because the last frame somehow got cut off.
Over then that I feel that video 1 turned out very nice. Video 2 (I confess) was a bit rushed and needs more anticipation before the main jump.

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