Saturday, 25 October 2008

Just a couple of words about lifedrawing....

Drawing classes give me a great deal of pleasure as well as more understanding about human body.
When I was growing up we didnt have an opportunity to draw people from life properly. Off course being a natural 'imagination' artist i didn't feel that much need to do anything like that. Well... i'm beginning to feel how wrong I was thinking that way. Just because it feels like a whole new way... a fresh gulp of winter air during a sunny day. People tend to take things for granted a lot these days, but trust me - an opportunity to do it is good luck. I feel anyway...

And just to say about the teacher, Katharine is a lot of fun! I think we somehow click together :)

P.S. Very much tempted to post some of my sketches. But not this time (comming soon)

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