Tuesday, 18 January 2011

as good time as ever...

Firstly, Jake got his lovely recording with Jim Broadbent which for some reason also makes me all uber- excited and happy. It was just one of these "i dont know if the thing i'm waiting for is going to happen" type of event, but it happened so yay. Obviously this is where Oddne the Norwegian Warrior and me the hollybird come into equation with our - quite frankly - outstanding animation craft.

Secondly, the Innovation project is about to be launched sending all sorts of shivers down my spine; It means I get to really play.... and salivating Pavlov style to see what everyone else is going to think up. Jenny is animating and Kat wants to use z-brush. It's like the world has turned upside down. :)

Thirdly I should probably get some sleep but the Turkish coffee has turned out stronger and better than usual so its a buzzzzzzz time.

Now for the work bit....

a new fairly decent rig has been found in a form of a triceratops skeleton. That's right you can fancy yourself as an aspiring young paleontologist without ever leaving the studio. As for the actual animation I will soon post a walk cycle. Its there just needs some (ch hem...major) adjustments.

Two, a eureka moment concerning this term - it's actually happening!!! The films, the fuss, the work, the lot. Now its coming out of the stupid cocoon stage and into the production. OMG. This is what we were here for all along. Yikes

P.S. Can we get enough people to sign up a petition to install A.C. or something? It's been unbearable the last couple of days. + all hails to the lecturers who dare work in such abnormality. Really I wander.....

P.P.S -still can't sleep!!!!-

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

А у родителей,

А у родителей,
А у родителей радость - съели бомжа,

К черту послали,
Поймали стрижа,
Сняли, под кожу
Зашили большого, большого ежа.

Много храпели
Соседи за стенкой,
Крошки доели
Обляпались пенкой

Много смеялись
Про нас вспоминали,
В недра закрались
По тонкой спирали

Нет, это точно -
Что трахнули дочку
Вязко и срочно,
Продали лишь почку

Крякали вместе
Под общие крики
Трупу невесты
Прислали брусники

Дерзко буянили
Ночью соленой
Витязя ранили
Спичкой паленой

Круто рулили
Стальную рулетку
Трупу бомжа
Повязали горжетку

Лакомых пряностей
Пьяную кучку
Вне всякой наглости
Сыпали в ручку

Глупые стены
И глупые птицы
Галки, вороны, сороки

Зяблики, дятлы, стрижы,
Цапли, орлы, толстоклювы,

Страшные сказки
Про липкую почесть
Рваные краски
Терявшие точность

Пьяная свора
Голодных удодов,
Красная штора
Без белых разводов

Много фекалий
На страшной странице
В книге фатальной,
Где кроме - лишь птицы,

Райские птицы,
Жако, пеликаны,
Рябчики, голуби,
синицы, туканы.

Все говорят - не видали слепого,
Сами ослепли - не знаем такого.

Но у родителей,
Но у родителей радость -

Съели бомжа,

16 dec 10

///its fuckin funny in googletranslate